got hope! counseling specializes in substance abuse related issues, as well as mental health related issues. We are an agency that serves adults, adolescents and youth needing treatment on an out-patient basis. We are able to handle court referrals and communicate with local probation and parole officers while maintaining a professional relationship with local judges, attornies and law enforcement agencies.

got hope! counseling provides free substance abuse and mental health consultations every day of the year via email, text or phone.  Your text or email request will be handled within a day of you contacting the site and will be answered free of charge. Your phone call will be immediately taken and if not able to speak will set up a time, place and location to meet or speak directly to the owner and therapist that runs got hope! counseling, not a secretary or ancillary worker.

After meeting at got hope!, we will decide the best path of treatment for you or your loved one. We may decide to meet on a regular basis (scheduled appointment) and if we feel we can help you or your loved one, a thorough explanation of the process will be given and the fee arrangement explained prior to you making a final decision.

When we consult with you or see you or a loved one for counseling, we will do so in the most ethical, moral and professional manner we know and as prescribed by law. Once we counsel or consult with you, as a client, we will complete all documentation required and maintain confidential files which will only be shared with contacts you grant written permission to speak with on your behalf per consent for release of confidential information forms.

We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding counseling & advocacy issues.  We have expertise in handling cases involving issues which include but are not limited to substance abuse, mental health, co-occuring disorders, K-12 school, college, tutoring, careers, NCAA, MHSAA, advocacy and family counseling.

We are here to help you with these issues and more. If help or assistance is what you desire, then take that next step and contact us with the details.

221 Garland Street . Suite M . Traverse City, MI. 49684.

231-492-0611  or  810-618-1807